Monday, 13 June 2011

UPDATED!!! - New Sung-Bong Choi Photostream

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  1. Being very much a cynic I ask, is this for real? Is this a hoax? I watch this young man with this amazing Baritone voice and question how could a young child of five survive on the streets? But then again, I am from Australia and the USA and am so use to living a "comfortable" life, it is difficult to equate with that type of life style and the spirit of survival. Having said that, by watching this young man I came to two possible conclusions. 1. Either he is the best actor pulling a huge hoax to get votes - or - 2. He is for real, he is who he says he is, and the world has just found its most incredible find in a long time. Either way, no disputing his incredible voice. That is for real,

    Listening to the unedited version of his appearance on KGT I noticed things I did not in the one I watched on You Tube. For example, it surprised me when one of the judges on the show said he needed voice lessons, but then hearing the unedited version it was for some reason, easier to pick up his mistakes. But when he has the training she promised him, the world will undoubtedly be gifted the best baritone in a decade. Hoax or no hoax I will be following this young man. I have shed many tears listening to him and his story. But again, being the cynic I am, I will await the results.

  2. Thank you for your comment Maureen. I guess we all feel a little like you do, that Sung-Bong is simply too good to be true. But I do think that the effects that he has had on us all cannot be denied in any way. He, as a person, together with his story have given those who live relatively comfortable lives a loud wake up call which has caused many of us to reassess what exactly it is that matters in life, and what we take for granted. No matter what happens, I'm grateful to Sung-Bong for generating that experience. All the best.

  3. I read in some old Korean news sites he has been hit by cars twice from living on the street these many years. He was hosiptalised but had to leave before he fully recovered becuase he had no moeny to pay the bills. He did sing at the hospital as a way to thank them!