Monday, 18 July 2011

Sung-Bong Choi - 2nd Performance with Transcription

Transcript of Korea’s Got Talent – Semi-final Performance

(Narrator) The world started to pay attention to Choi Sung Bong with a lot of stars in support of him
Millions of people watched the video of his first performance

(Song-Yun Ah) I just want to give you a hug

(Sung-Bong) I am just excited and thankful but I am also a little nervous

(Sung-Bong’s friend) Sung-Bong is a friend who had excluded parental love and I can’t imagine how he has lived before. He is just so pitiful.

(Sung-Bong) I took GED test to get my elementary and middle school because I wanted to go to school
I wanted to meet friends. I wasn’t a good student…yeah….I wasn’t a good student.
I had no idea how to treat teachers and friends, and I don’t like people’s looks of sympathy or pity
Through the Korea’s Got Talent, I want to bring honour to my school with good result
When I’m happy or sad, music is the only thing that consoles me, not humans.
It’s just reason why I’m living and not singing

(Song-Yun Ah) I have high expectations that Mr Choi makes people impressed again.

(SB) If I did look like a ‘fresh boy’ in the audition, I want to show the real me in the semi-final.
I want to show my stage
Sung-Bong Choi sings for the judges
Thank you for the great performance Mr Sung-Bong Choi

(Hosts) After seeing Mr Choi’s performance, I felt sorry for not making stage for him until now
Do you know that you’ve become very famous not only in Korea but also in the whole world after your first audition had been aired?
Yes, I feel very thankful for that
Those people are talking about you, did you hear about that?? Am I so hyper now right???
To be honest, I’m a little but scared, but fluttered. And I am very thankful for everything.

(Song-Yun Ah) I see, I think everything around you will change a lot
I think all you need to do is just accept it
I’m wondering what our judges think about Mr Choi’s performance Mr Jang?
I think, you know everyone has high expectations on you
And you would also know that your personal story can’t help you to lead you to the next stage as well
But I can tell that you’ve made the best performance only with your singing skill
Thank you for the great stage.

(Host) I’m very curious to hear Ms Song’s comment.

(Song-Yun Ah) Really Should I just pass it?

(Host) No way. We need to hear your comment.

(Song-Yun Ah) I just want to say hi to Sung Bong. How have you been?

*He nods*

And it was nice to see Choi smiling.
Wow! Thank you
I want you to smile like that all the time. It was a really great performance.

(Kolleen Park) I also have a similar opinion. I think there isn’t much thing to talk about in terms of music.
You know that your voice has touched many people not only in Korea, but in the whole world.
I think this is what Ms Song meant.
I want you to open your mind so that we can get close to you
And I’d also like to see your smile. I hope you enjoy everything.
And I hope you always move forward. I enjoyed your song.

(Host) Has your life changed after being on Korea’s Got Talent?

(SB) I found a reason to live, and I feel grateful for that.


  1. His voice is very good. He made the entire viewers was surprised.

  2. I loved his auditions... Thanks for sharing this with us... Finally I understand!