Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Brief Overview of Sung-Bong's Journey...

A little over a year has past which has seen the lowly day labourer from Daejun, South Korea go from despair to bright hope. It is a story that is being written as we speak. What does the future hold of Sung-Bong? He is an nspiration to millions around the people who look at how he has managed and face the adversity in his life and refuse to give up.

Will he go on to become a famous opera singer? Will he become a global figure of hope for those in troubled times? Will be return to the place of misery that he came from? Who knows? All that we wish for is that he is able a chance to realise the potential that is within him that we are all so clearly able to see and feel.

This timeline does not represent all of Sung-Bong's achievements in his life, just some of the events that I feel are important in appreciating what Sung-Bong has achieved in short amount of time.

18 February 1990 - Sung-Bong Choi is born
1993 - Enters orphanage
1995 - Escapes orphanage due to abuse

2004- 2007 - Meets Jeong So Park and agrees to teach him.
Passes GED for elementary and middle school
Gains entry to Art School funded by Deajeon School Fund
Experiences difficulty balancing living, working and studying and leaves college for Deagu, disenchanted with opera
Loses contact with Jeong So Park for a year
Comes back and works at Jeong So Park's "Praise" concert

8 August 2007 - TV appearance (Window of Hope  - KTV)
6 June 2011 - Performs "Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasy) at the Korea's Got Talent auditions
20 July 2011 - Interview with CNN
August, 2011 Interview with ABC News
6 September 2011 Meets fans for first time
October 21 2011 - Gives lecture in Busan, Korea to motivate disenchanted youth @ Agree on Hope -The Healing Camp

November 17 2011 - Officially joins Facebook
2 December 2011 - "Singing & Dancing Patchwork" - Fundraising event - Seoul, South Korea
21 December 2011- Visits fans in San Francisco, USA
Janurary 2012 - Appears on front cover of Guideposts magazine
31 January 2012 - Performs at "Clean Earth" fundraising event helping victims of burns
18 February 2012 - Celebrates his first birthday party
24 February 2012- Performs in opening show for Korea's Got Talent - Opera Star
31 March - Delivers motivational lecture with youths who are on probation in South Korea
30 April 2012- Appointed ambassador for Childfund, South Korea
May 9 2012 - Autobiography published


  1. I am so proud of him! He is Living a normal life now, And giving money to kids in need. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!